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Special issues of the Clay Minerals, Clays & Clay Minerals, Applied Clay Science & Environmental Science and Pollution Research will be devoted to contributions presented at Euroclay 2019 after regular peer review.

  • Clay Minerals: Contributions to sessions A7, B1, B4, B7, C2 & D8
  • Clays & Clay Minerals: Contributions to sessions A3, A5, B3, C3, D7 & E1
  • Applied Clay Science: Contributions to sessions A1, A2, A4, B6, C4, D1, D2 & D5
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research: Contributions to session B2

In addition, we would like to invite all the EUROCLAY 2019 participants presenting communications dealing with topics related with patented works in Nanotechnology and Clay Minerals to submit papers for possible publication in Recent Patents on Nanotechnology.

Informations about additional special issues will be posted as they become available.
Please contact session conveners for practical information.

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